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candidato..desde arlington virginia, claudia uceda nos tiene el informe..claudia.. buenas noches. ... y para analizar el debate de esta noche me acompanan marizcruz magowan: estratega del partido republicana, francisco j. sanchez, estratega democrata en politica internacional, y tambien nos acompana el analista politico emilio para quienes no pudieron ver el debate....a continuacion fernando pizarro con tiene un resumen..fernando... los democratas tambien se expresaron. vamos con silvana quiroz para los detalles. silvana adelante. ... mas adelante:. en arlington cientos de ninos a los que se les supendio el servicio de transporte escolar volveran a tenerlo... .. tambien:. un reciente estudio revela los pros y los contras de las relaciones sexuales tempranas en la vida futura de las personas... ... hace unos meses les contamos la historia de cientos de ninos a los que se les supendio el servicio de transporte para ir a la escuela...tras recibir cientos de peticiones y reclamos de padres de familia, la junta directiva de la escuelas publicas del condado de arlington decidio reestablecer est
detalles. silvana adelante. ... mas adelante:. en arlington cientos de ninos a los que se les supendio el servicio de transporte escolar volveran a tenerlo...te.. tambien:. un rec estudio revela los pros y los contras de las relaciones sexuales tempranas en la vida futura de las personas... ... hace unos meses les contamos la historia de cientos de ninos a los que se les supendio el servicio de transporte para ir a la escuela...tras recibir cientos de peticiones y reclamos de padres de familia, la junta directiva de la escuelas publicas del condado de arlington decidio reestablecer este servicio a los alumnos de la escuela elemental campbell .. lilian mass nos amplia. desde que iniciaron las clases en el condado de arlington doÑa martha ha tenido que caminar un aproximado de 3 millas diarias para llevar a sus nietos a la escuela pero aparir de la primera semana de noviembre , sus pies tomaran un merecido descanso ya que la junta escolar de su condado voto para reestablecer el servicio de transporte publico a la escuela elemental a la que asisten sus nietos.. " por dÍas hemos estado
/v. you get it. >> of big problem in arlington neighborhood after a tree comes crashing down. the good news is that no one was hurt. >> more on the emergency efforts in arlington. >> arlington 911, where is your emergency? >> what is going on there? >> the arlington emergency communications center is doubling its staffing. >> you pretty much just try to get the information as quickly as possible. >> wild weather can sometimes put a hurdle in that information gathering. think back to the june derecho. 911 service was disrupted across northern virginia four days and backup power sources failed. john crawford is the commanding officer here and he says in his 40 years as commanding officer that was the first. >> we have been in contact with the horizon. at this stage of the game, there is not another thing that we could do to prepare ourselves. >> we have been working on those issues we went through in june. >> she will tell you mother nature loves throwing curveballs. >> we have never had anything like this. >> in the worst-case scenario, if the power goes out and the backup generators do
in baltimore. >> we will check with our colleagues in arlington, texas. following tampa bay. and what is it like there? >> bottom-line, right now, the team has made it to the post- season. he is their first trip to the playoffs. at a packed house, getting ready for the game. they are on the field, they have worked out a nice rest. everyone is ample up. it remains a remarkable story with so many people around the country expecting the orioles to lose. for them, that is extra motivation. nothing wrong with that. >> where are the competitors. whatever is written, we try to go out there every day and say that this is what we have got to do. >> i don't think that we want to rest on what we have done by any means. we still feel like we have a lot of work to do but it starts right here. >> he made his selection for tomorrow, we will have that story coming out. >> orioles fans are pulling to keep the magic going. much like the ymca last year. the smart phone application, send your pictures to us and be sure to click on ulocal. a wiretapping has led to the arrests of gang members. >> the world
tres bombas caseras en centro comercial de arlington. reveladora encuesta muestra la cantidad de personas que se identifican a si mismos como homosexuales en el pais. en los deportes la serie mundial de beisbol ya tiene al primer equipo clasificado. .. hola que tal buenas noches...pierde la vida en medio de un accidente de transito un oficial de la policia del condado de prince george... segun las autoridades, kevin bowden murio a causa de las heridas recibidas tras la colision... se informo tambien que el accidente ocurrio a eso de las tres de esta tarde y el policia "no" se estaba en horas laborables. bowden llevaba 6 anos trabajando para la uniformada. tenia un hijo de 10 anos y otra bebe de solo 4. esta muerte viene a dos meses de que otro oficial de este mismo condado muriera en medio de una mientras tanto en arlington, la policia investiga el atentado con explosivo casero que realizo un sujeto en el mall de ballston...silvana quiroz con los detalles un susto fue el que vivieron las personas que se encontraba n en el centro comercial de ballston en el Área de arlington ofic
cementerio nacional de arlington crea sistema para la facil identifiaccion de tumbas de militares enterrados en el lugar. al regresar de la pausa, les dire como estaran las condiciones del tiempo para manana jueves... ... el cementererio nacional de arlington a puesto a disposicion del publico una base de datos electronica detallando las tumbas de cerca de 400 -mil personas que estan alli sepultadas... lilian mas nos nos amplia la informacion ... desde el presidente john f. kennedy, aquellos que han muerto en combate y hasta los mas honorables veteranos de guerra estÁn sepultados en el cementerio nacional de arlington. casi 400,000 personas yacen en este lugar y para aquellos que los visitan el ubicar sus tumbas ha sido una odisea, que en muchas ocasiones los detiene a seguir visitÁndolos es por eso que se sus administradores se dieron la tarea de facilitar la ubicaciÓn para turistas y familiares "hemos transformado completam ente como operamos el cementerio.. hemos pasado de un sistemas de mapas de papel a una mÉtodo completamente digital" un mÉtodo que harÁ la visita al cementerio m
through alexandria looking fine. glebe road is closed between route 1 and arlington ridge. there's an accident with a utility pole down right there. moving quite well in maryland. 270 has no troubles. back to you. >> thank you. our top story battleground virginia becoming the focus of the presidential race. later this morning president obama will speak at george mason university. and an event at cleveland state university in ohio >> . mitt romney told fox news that his controversial remarks about 47% of americans wanting government support were completely wrong. ta more. >> with his campaign reenergize mitt romney took on the controversy surrounding his comments that 47% of americans are dependent on government. he said his remarks were not eloquently stated, but last night on fox news he offered an explanation. >> it was completely wrong. i absolutely believe that my life has shown i care about 100%. >> president obama is trying to rebound from what many believe was a lackluster debate performance before a crowd of 30,000 in madison, wisconsin yesterday suggested romney's perfor
probe into his son's actions. arlington police launched an investigation after a conservative group released an undercover video of patrick moran allegedly giving a plan to commit the voter fraud. he doespatrick resigned from the campaign. >> there's a new report revealing where wealthy singles are located in the d.c. area. >> and what wall street is watching today. linda bell has more from bloomberg in new york. >> we're watching apple. stock-index futures indicating a lower open. dropping 100 points for the dow jones. apple is spending more to refresh its product line to keep up with samsung. apple sold your ipads in the than what analysts predicted, mainly because customers were waiting for the ipad mini. the pentagon may be able to help out apple's business. it plans to open its network for the first time to iphone as well as google operating systems. the defense department would be able to provide alternatives to the blackberry. looking for love in our nation's capital? a list of where the richest men and women live alone. new york city topped the list. arlington, virginia, in
, just shaken. a massive tree crashing on taylor street in arlington. >> it hit about 7:00, and it was like an earthquake. >> he came out. he was ok. thank god. >> what looked like smoke was rising from the debris -- >> hopefully it's not a fire. >> it turned out to be steam fortunate news in the chaos. this home, a father was reading a bedtime story to his four- year-old daughter when a tree crashed into the bedroom ceiling. >> we heard a big noise. >> 83 crash landed on top of a car here and snapped ale in half. again, no one was hurt. >> you can see the wires getting cold. >> the wind was so fierce, they did not know so much damage had been done. >> said it was constant. very loud. >> trees were shutting down? as has the crews moved in. to begin the monumental and dangerous task of reducing falling giants to wood chips. clucked and knocked on my door this morning asking if i needed any help. "they were asleep when a 60-foot tree slammed into the roof. damage was minimal. he just wants it gone. >> i do not know if you can get a feel for this on television, but this is
situation at an arlington shopping mall -- arlington investigators are trying to figure out what led to a scary situation at arlington shopping mall. a molotov cocktail chatter but did not ignite. >> i looked over and saw black stuff on the floor. i thought maybe pieces of itself, but then i realized security was down there talking to them and police started coming in. i figured it was something else. three other bottles were found nearby. the mall was evacuated for several hours. no one was hurt fe. >> 18 days now until the election. president obama continued to court virginia voters. he was big at george mason university this morning -- he will speak at christmas universe it this morning. i was opening -- hopinhg the president would bring joe biden because he will laugh at anything. >> mitt is his middle name. i wish i could use my middle name. >> the president's middle name is hussein. mitt romney's money made running mate and him will be campaigning in florida today. we cannot hear a abc 7 at 9:00 an interview with the first lady. afternoon, she will be in wisconsin. >> bridge to
autoridades de arlington tras haber respondido a un llamado de un aparente suicidio.. espero que lo peor de la tormenta para tomar la decisio Ón de quitarse la vida y es que a plena luz del dÍa y en una zona bastante transitada de arlington, una mujer que aun no ha sido identificada no le dio tiempo a los que presenciaron dicho acto para impedirlo. "" unos testigos vieron a una muchacha quitarse los zapatos aquÍ en el puente de la columbia pike se quito los zapatos y aparentemente se lanzo del puente hacia el fondo del paso de la bicicletas" cuando llegaron los oficiales de la policÍa encontraron su cuerpo sin ninguna seÑal de vida " no tenia identificaciÓn y estamos dejÁndonos llevar por el fÍsico de la persona y algÚn conocimientos que la policÍa haya tenido con esta persona ." y es asÍ .. como basados en previos contactos con la ahora occisa que las autoridades, q presumen que esta abrÍa escogido el mismo dÍa de su cumpleaÑos para ser el ultimo de su vida de ser confirmada esta informaciÓn la joven estarÍa cumpliendo 32 aÑos en arlington va lilian mass univision buenas
friday in arlington, texas. they ran into incredible pitching. if evan longoria had been healthy for those 85 games he missed, the rays probably have won the american league east. crista the mound tonight, hoping to get his ninth victory of the year. had they won, but with the post of the what carter on friday. what a show evan put on. 1-0, tampa. he hit 3 homeruns on the evening. the orioles did get 1 run in th 9th. afterwards, you have to wonder if they were down after the defeat. not at all, they say. >> that cannot come close to describing our locker room right now. it is a tough road however you do it. it is a challenge. we feel good about on opportunity we have burnt -- we have earned. >> the orioles will play on that one game friday. against the texas rangers in arlington. later, we will hear from some players about tonight. >> thank you. nearly 18,000 people watched game 162 inside tropicana field. >> there was a healthy amount of orioles fans. >> i took a vacation last year planning for this then upgraded my tickets what we started doing this in good. this has been a mag
n, se reanuda el servicio de transporte escolar a estudiantes de arlington a quienes se les habia suspendido.noche decisiva para candidatos a la presidencia. hoy es el ultimo debate a 15 dias de las elecciones.en los d completo de los equipos del fin de semana hola que tal buenas tardes... un nuevo ataque sexual en un sendero alarma a residentes y autoridades... asi es, esta vez fue en el area de bethesda en el sendero capital crescent que recorre desde washington a maryland... la nueva victima tiene 21-aÑos de edad... la golpio en la cabeza.... ella perdio el conocimiento y fue arrastrada a esta zona tranquilidad de este sendero en bethesda fue interrumpido con un nuevo ataque contra una victima estaba corriendo ayer, cerca de la siete de la noche, cuando se detuvo por unos segundos para dar paso a unos venanos... "ella cayo inconciente, se recupero y llamo a la policia un senor que estaba ahi de 40-aÑos la ayudo, pero cuando ella se desperto, se dio cuenta que no estaba en el sendero, que estaba fuera del sendero y estaba en un area boscosa" la joven de
and montgomery, arlington, fairfax, prince george's county, most of northernvirginia, it's down into the 50s this morning. the mid-50s. hour by hour today, you will enjoy the low humidity and the fresh clean air. by noontime, we'll be in the 70s. for your lunch hour. delightful. during the afternoon, heading back home from work and school, lots of sunshine. the low 80s, midafternoon. sunrise 7:08. sunset 6:04. by sunset, back into the low 80s. a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning, tom. >>> still checking breaking news in virginia. first, let's start with rolling road. it's closed at delong drive due to an accident that has downed wires on the roadway. also experiencing downed wires, this is northbound as you head northbound on south glebe road. closed from south hayes street to south joyce street. again, downed wires in that area. please approach with caution. it is expected to be closed until about noon today. here's a live look from chopper 4 as you make your way southbound. i-270 at west montgomery avenue in both directions really not seeing any accidents in the r
. it is the same temperature here as in arlington. we are across the street, setting up for a big crowd later on tonight. you would think this is a home game. they expect a big crowd to come out here. one of the trucks on the right side of your screen, we will talk to some orioles fans. a longtime fan of the orioles. can you believe that they will be playing a playoff game? >> along time coming since 1997. hopefully they can take care of business. >> are you nervous? >> of this is the one team i really didn't want them to play tonight, but i think they can do it. >> are you nervous? >> i am little nervous. >> i heard you had some thoughts on the game. what are you thinking? >> they're playing poorly, we got this. they will be out here supporting us. >> we expect a big crowd here. we will send it back to you in arlington. >> there should be plenty of optimism and why not? back in the playoffs, that is a great accomplishment. they will have to go to the formula that has worked so well this year. but the fabulous bullpen hold lot and they will have to get a decent start out of saunders. we will
they will face a simple scenario, starting the playoffs in arlington tx. the orioles have to win tomorrow night and if they do, they will advance to face the yankees. that starts sunday. they fell silent, the regular- season finale with evan longoria rolling out with founder. only gave up four hits in five innings. brian roberts, home run. he wound up hitting his third home run. here is good news for the orioles. they don't see him in the playoffs, but the challenge doesn't change much sense texas led the majors in runs scored this season, finishing fourth in home runs. after the tumble against saddam but, it comes down to this. ballpark in arlington, first pitch scheduled for tomorrow night at 8:37. the winner faces the yankees, the losers go home. they have faced texas seven times as texas won five of those games. you can use all the numbers you want. in a one-game series, it is a matter of who gets caught on that night. more from the ballpark in arlington coming up at 6:00. they obviously have a lot on the line, but so do a lot of businesses in baltimore. fair to say not the o
. cementerio nacional de arlington crea sistema para identificar tumas de militares sepultados en el lugar. en los deportes real madrid sufre derrota en la liga champion. el hombre acusado de abrir fuego y disparar contra un guardia de seguridad en una organizacion consvadora en washington enfrentara siete nuevos cargos...floyd corkins comparecera ante la corte federal el viernes, los cargos incluyen el cometer un acto de terrorismo ..corkins ingreso al concejo de investigacion familiar y comenzo a disparar en la entrada del edificio.. el guardia de seguridad pudo detenerlo, pero resulto parecer el acusado no estaba de acuerdo con las politicas de la organizacio n... ... la policia del condado de montgomery investiga un robo ocurrido en una residencia entre la noche del 3 de octubre y las primeras horas de la manana del 4-de octubre, en la cuadra 700 de la avenida ritchie, en silver spring... las autoridades dieron a conocer hoy un video de cuatro sospechosos y estan pidiendo la ayuda del publico para poder indentificarlos... cualquier informacion en relacion con la identidad o el p
.1% to 8.2%. john gonzalez reporting. >> a man charged in the murder of an arlington health care worker is scheduled to be sentenced. roger clark pleaded guilty to first-degree murder in january. he was accused of killing carl diener as he worked -- walked to work. and clark's cousin will go on trial later this month. >> the fauquier county teenager killed last month in a car crash will be honored tonight at the homecoming football game at the liberty high school. there will be a moment of silence for ian heflin. he was on his way to school when the car he was riding in struck a tree. he died at the scene. sister was seriously injured in the crash. a third person, but teenage driver, was not hurt. >> if you like staying at the bars late, you will have a chance to do so this columbus day weekend. from sunday night into monday morning, more aid -- more than 40 bars in d.c. will be allowed to stay open until 4:00 a.m., two-hours later than the normal closing time. it is designed to raise more revenue from alcohol sales. sunday night into monday morning, not the entire weekend. >> 60 degree
hispana, y el condado de arlington se suma a la celebracioneste festio de arlington es gratuito y será este domingo desde la una de la tarde hasta las cinco en la escuela kenmore en la 200 south carlin springs road arlington va tambien en leesburg, tambien en leesburg, virginia se celebra por primera vez un festival latino totalmente gratis univision washington le invita al primer festival latino de leesburg, la cita es este domingo 30 de septiembre desde las doce del mediodía hasta las seis de la tarde... una excelente oportunidad de degustar comida típica latinoamericana, música en vivo, y además recibir asesoría en asuntos de inmigración y exámenes de la vista, la presión y el colesterol... el primer festival latino de leesburg es totalmente gratuito y abierto al público, recuerde que será este domingo a partir del mediodía en el douglass community center 405 e market street, leesburg, virginia... y recuerde que esta noche un grande de la musica ranchera amigos disfruten el fin de semana, y para despedir el segmento les presento a un talento local que tiene tan solo cinco
desalojan centro comercial en arlington tras individuo lanzar tres bombas molotov. se le acaba el juego a este hombre que tuvo acceso a la casa de unas chicas y grabo con una camara escondida. encuenta el pensar de los latinos creyentes al tema de los matrimonios del mismo sexo y otros asuntos religiosos.en la pre-temporada de la nba y le diremos como le fue a los wizards. probabilidad de lluvias esta noche que se extiende para maÑana viernes... ..que tal buenas tardes....una situacion de emergencia se reporto a tempranas horas de esta tarde en el centro ballston mall de arlington. ..asi es...un individuo lanzo tres cocteles molotov al lugar, el cual tuvo que ser desalojado. silvana quiroz con mas detalles de lo ocurrido. silvana. ... la policia del condado de howard esta buscando a un hombre quien secretamente grabo con una camara de video a dos mujeres en su condominio... la policia dice que la mujeres --quienes son companeras de cuarto en ellicot city, descubrieron la camara oculta en un armario y notificaron a las autoridade s... los agentes encontraron las imagenes de un ho
, water, peanut butter. but the rain started coming down arlington about one hour ago. here andming down hours before. if you do try to come out, to want extra patients. there have been plenty of long lines all day long. live in arlington, jenny doren. >> barbara mikulski got a hurricanesook out noaa.e from roz plater has the story from college park. >> as they get information, they n how to use their resources during the coming emergency and that is what brought barbara mikulski out here this afternoon. what she is getting a firsthand n hurricane sandy. it so scary. first, because it really is a frankenstorm. it is covering hundreds of miles. >> it will be making landfall a bit north of us and it could youes much worse as head north. >> in the long island, area, they're 6-11 feet. significant. >> forecasters say the d.c. to worryll have plenty about. we will be in the area of the rainfall. will be very strong near tropical winds that will move inland. we are expecting a lot of tree damage, power outages over a large area. >> mikulski said she will be eyeing an especially close along the
father and spent the day looking for them. we started for headquarters for arlington democrats around the corner from where the video was shot in hopes to fine someone who can put us in touch with patrick moran. no one knew how to reach him and a spokesperson didn't return phone or e-mail messages. from there, we went to his shirlington apartment and where none answered the door. the next stop is the campaign headquarters on north washington street in alexandrea, where the only thing we found was a locked door. the congressman's pyrotechnic was not returning calls -- press secretary was not returning calls or e-mail. we were told the congressman was not in and that no one could talk to us. this afternoon, the arlington gop chairman, his name is charles hawkinson, called for jim moran to resign. i'm going to bring in a democratic activist. i'm sorry, strategist and a slip of the tongue there. this doesn't look good, does it? >> and today they trying to get the facts to figure out what is happening. sure, they want to be careful with what they say. >> how damaging is this? >> and this i
hill is standing by. >> it has been kind of right now, in arlington, 63 degrees. a lot of lightning flashes. they have been out there all evening, but slowly moving eastward. th are in frederick county. severe thunderstorm warnings until 11:34 frederick county. that threat is diminishing right now out in washington county. there will be more chances the next few hours for showers and storms. we expect most of them to be garden variety. the rainfall totals are impressive. the good news is, it will taper off overnight. >> we have several developments in the big story we mentioned at the top. the prince george's county police department is in morning to night after losing one of their own. police are talking about the crash and officer kevin bowden. >> we were over the scene where it happened in clinton. we were first on the scene of this crash. >> the accident reconstruction team has wrapped up its work at this intersection. investigators spent hours going over the same piece by piece. we know this young officer got offered around 1:00 this afternoon and was driving his take-home crui
. caution getting through that area. that's the latest. back to you. >> thank you. arlington, reader's has made of america's 10 sharpest cities. education level, eating, and habits considered. san francisco came in first. reader's digest found seven in residents with at least a l below thedegree fal average. fremont california was in third place. traffic on the dulles access will come to a stop for two minute stretches between 9:00 t trucks 2:00 p.m. sal more sections of the e for the metrog station. be similar traffic friday. if you want to get away and stay by, check out the cox farms forat free. its this week to give away. can win four tickets to the fields ofnd four at fear tickets. winner eachunce a the 6:00week during a.m. hour of good morning washington. it is 67 degrees. >> the redskins show their for a controversial measure appearing on the nove i don't spend money ongasoline. i am probably going to the gas station abt once a month. last time i was at a g station was about...i would say... two months ago. i very rarely put gas in my chevy volt. i go to the gas station such a smal
are our big story this hour. they are in arlington, texas right now, gearing up to play the one and done wild-card game. this veteran is one of only three players with postseason experience. yu darvish will start for texas. he has yet to pitch against the orioles. chris davis says he will spend the last few hours before the game learning has much as he can about darvish. >> we have not seen him this year. we know his reputation. we are going to go out there and learn as much as we can about him. >> he throws cutters, sliders, if curveballs. >> first pitch is tonight at 8:37. jennifer tells us have the uncertainty of the one game playoff is creating a conundrum for local businesses. >> baltimore waiting to see if they can beat texas in texas and then come back to take on the yankees. in the meantime, businesses are finding themselves in the classic hurry up and wait situation. a win on friday means putting things in high gear, creating a divisional t-shirt. >> we are hoping they are going to win on friday. we will come in and start printing on saturday. >> at this hotel, a fried a win wou
. headquarters for arlington democrat spread a ampaign for president obama be ano claimed to undercover reporter went inside to steal votes. capturesover video moran reluctant to talk of voter fraud. minutes, he is discussing what it would take to cast a ballot for someone else. the hidden camera video sets up a scenario advises a man to fake utility bills or the bank statements to steal the votes of 1 people. the caught on camera moment has job, presiding tonight. -- resigning tonight. the man he has been campaigning against says that is not enough. he is already asking the investigateeral to voter fraud has occurred. the good part about my opponent is never surprised, always disappointed. this is about the integrity of our nation. >> virginia voters say they're satisfied with the resignation. this is the age of fraud. says the reason for his was that he would not be a distraction during this election. a congressmans the eighthg which includes arlington, alexandria, falls -- falls church city. according to his campaign political career began in 1979. on the national scale, the president running
edificios esten listos para ser abiertos manana... las escuelas de arlington, fairfax y el condado de prince georges anunciaron que abriran con normalidad manana miercoles... el condado de laoudoun, lo hara una hora mas tarde.. la apertura de algunos centros sin electricidad sera reemplanteada.. por otra parte en maryland, especificamente en la playa de ocean city, el gobernador comenzo a evaluar los daÑos causados por sandy... claudia uceda nos brinde lo ultimo desde la ciudad balneario.. claudia!!.. ocean city se recupera de a pocos y no sera facil, en algunas partes demorara dias para que todo vuelva a la normalidad barrios enteros como ese permanecen inundados . a mas de uno se le nego el acceso para poder sacar sus pertenencias . carlos reyes/residente de ocean city "la policia el army tiene tapado toda la calle de la 17 para aca arriba esta abierto pero para aca abajo esta tapado." este vecino nos cuenta como en la noche tuvo que rescatar a varios ancianos que quedaron atrapados en sus hogares rodeados por el mar robert miller/ residente de ocean city "el agua llegaba hasta mi cint
well,ential debates as the candidates are crisscrossing .he country thuman is live in arlington with the latest from the campaign trail. >> it that were giving out passports stems, these guys entire book just for virginia. when it comes to knocking on doors, making phone calls, and bothng voter contacts, well surpassed y did in 2008. >> we will win virginia again. >> thank you, virginia. >> practically virginia point,ce at this obama and mitt romney stops,ing frequent interviews, and always bleeding. find at leastto alwaysson who voted -- pleading. >> the race is narrowing by the day. sizablearch shows the ind for president obama september has vanished. suddenly there is a four point lead for romney. mitt romney is for the first time personalizing his pitches. >> i was serving as a pastor in my church. d son had beenol diagnosed with leukemia. as time went on, it became very clear there would not be a cure, , became hish david friend. >> the president pulled no punches. of changing the plan, pretended it does not exist. >> even approving this ad about the fight over pbs funding.
's an active work zone between arlington and 66 with 3 left lanes closed. they should open shortly. back to you. >> thank you. in baltimore, five people killed in a house fire. jummy olabanji has more. >> very sad news from ortiz baltimore. -- from northeast baltimore. for children and one adult died in a house fire in the 5600 block of denwood avenue. this is the home where it happened. they say it was just before 2:00 this morning there received a phone call there was a fire at this home. firefighters put say that they saw someone trying to jump out of a second story window. they knew there were more people inside. a firefighter fel the second-floor into the basement. he was taken to the hospital. he is in stable condition. the residents of the home who jumped out is also at the hospital. firefighters say that once they were able to knock down the fire and get inside is when they made the sad discovery of five bodies inside the home. we do not know how the five victims died. whether it was smoke inhalation or the fire. that is under investigation this morning as fire fighters in baltimore try
has rejected the cease-fire. >> are news partners said the reopened a land deal with arlington county. if it goes through, the cemetery land down hill the air force memorial and would get land closer interstate 395. that would allow the county to realign columbia pike and give more burial space. the top federal prosecutor in manhattan is setting bank of america for $1 billion. he is filing that suit alleging against freddie fannie mac. those procedures generated thousands of fraudulent loans. e comment -- the good news is pretty good. why that trip across the country for thanksgiving will year.ou more this >> it is the annual halloween parade. >> all we did today is tied a record high temperature for washington. we had a good group of people. good group of employees out there. this was a booming place. and mitt romney and bain capital turned it in to a junk yard. i was suddenly, 60 years old. i had no health care mainly i was thinking about my family. how am i going to take care of my family. he promised us the same things he's promising the united states. and he'll give you the same
are back home buried together at arlington national cemetery. fox 5's bob barnard has the story. >> reporter: it took only one hearse, just one flag draped casket to carry the remains of seven u.s. marines missing in action since the second world war. they are 2nd lieutenant walter vincent, technical sergeant james csney, corporal wayne erickson, first lieutenant lavern lalithen, second lieutenant dwight eckston, private first class john donovan and corporal jack yeager. >> he was 12 years older than i was and was my hero as i grew up. >> reporter: jack yeager's nephew and niece among the relatives of all seven marines who have come from across the country for this extraordinary ceremony and burial. >> they will be in a common grave here in arlington and it's a celebration and a homecoming. we've got them home. >> reporter: the marines went missing on april 22nd, 1944, when their patrol bomber crashed into a mountain on a south pacific island. remnants of the aircraft were first discovered 50 years later. members of a joint p.o.w. mia accounting command serving team spent the
-month sentence in the arlington county jail and also faces charges in connection with at least one of the other incidents which happened in d.c. authorities say the website helped close the case. the detective and the officer who made the arrest got a round of applause from metro board members. john henrehan, fox 5 news. >>> sports is up next when we come back. rg3 says hey, what concussion? as the super rookie shines at home against the vikings, highlights are next. >> mother nature served up great weather today, but look at the midsection of the country and guess what? it's all heading our way. i'll have the details on what to expect coming up after the break. [ male announcer ] jay likes it when his mobile phone helps him deposit his checks. jay also like it when mother nature helps him wash his car. mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. okay. [ male announcer ] with citibank's popmoney, dan can easily send money by email right from his citibank account. nice job ben. [ male announcer ] next up -- the gutters. citibank popmoney. easier ba
for the part into virginia. alexandria, arlington, doing well on 395. a live look at traffic on route lanes open.l in virginia, the only reported is southbound 95 between point rd.rd. and an active work zone through the four corners between new hampshire and university boulevard, the new traffic has two lanes to the right, but all lanes are open well.tting by back to you. >> thank you. our big story, president obama's campaign says expect more performance from the commander in chief tonight. the men will face off at hofstra university in a town hall format. preview.alez has a >> mitt romney clearly won the first debate. raised $170dy during his campaign, just shy of the president. heading into their second , can he keep the momentum going? tonight's presidential debate setting, town hall which means audience members be asking the questions, are stillans who undecided. >> both candidates have to tread lightly. they are going on the offense too aggressively with each other, that can spill over to the audience. >> president's camp assures a change of strategy h after many bombed his first deba
a jacket or sweater. it's 36 degrees in woodstock, 39 harrisonburg, 43 in arlington, 40 in manassas, 50 at reagan national. a little warmer clothes to the metro. 51 by 9:00 and sunny skies. 65 at noon. 72 degrees at 5:00, partly cloudy. even warmer in the seven-day forecast. you that in a moment. now let's check traffic on jamee whitten. >> looks good on the greenway, 395.over a, 66, -- looks good on the greenway tollway. 95 between stanford and the capital beltway looking good. into maryland, southbound 95 in laurel before 198, a two-car crash on the shoulder and now into the woods. a bit of activity. in maryland on route 5 there's a car fire northbound near allentown road, just before the beltway. back to you. >> thank you. we have encouraging news for metro's dupont circle station. escalator replacement project entrance is now complete. the entrance is now open with three -- new escalators. instead the beginning of metro's plan to improve reliability and escalators. 94 are escalated for full next seven over the years. it's 47 degrees on this monday morning. report gives you r reason
con nuestra compaÑera lilian mass con los detalles de la reunion democrata en arlington, virginia...lilian!!! buenas noches, hoy tuvimos un dia con condiciones atmosferic as diferentes a las de ayer, es que sin duda los cambios en las condiciones atmosferuicas responden a esta estacion del aÑo... actualmente estas son las temperaturas... maÑana tenemos una temperatura maxima de 80 grados y un dia parcialmente nublado los dejo con el pronostico extendido... vamos a la pausa, pero antes oscar burgos con un adelanto en los deportes.. buenas noches para todos, les cuento que hay una sancion para un boxeador a falta de otra suspension que podria tener. se trata de julio cÉsar cha vez jr. que recibio una sancion fue con una multa de 20.000 dÓlares y estarÁ suspendido indefinidadamente a raÍz del sitivo por marihuana en un control antidopaje tras el combate que perdiÓ ante sergio marti Ínez, anunciÓ hoy el consejo mundial de boxeo en un comunicado de prensa. el cmb ha decidido imponerle esa multa que serÁn donados a un centro mÉdico de cÁncer contra niÑos y ademÁs una susp
and that was about 2:30. about an hour later, they brought them to the arlington county police station where he's now. he's not charged and, again, police and federal agents believe this is the guy. can you look behind me. the mall is open and the fbi and atf investigators are still here. arlington county fire officials say whatever it was not hazardous he targeted a food court in a mall at lunchtime. just after noon today on boston common mall on wilson boulevard in arlington. county police and fire, fbi and atf agents working together on a case that didn't force a mallwide evacuation. some businesses remained open, but anyone who left the mall when police arriv was not allowed back in. >> at this point, the task force indicated they're going to take the investigation from the arlington county police department. we'll be assisting in that matter. >> reporter: officials are quick to point out they're not calling this a terrorist attack. these photos from inside the mall from our friends at arlington now show you the scene of the crime. witnesses are telling investigators a man threw a 40- ounce beer
morning. i'm tracking breaking news coming out of arlington. a crash there is blocking all your lanes on south glebe road, and it's closed from south hayes street to south joyce street. it's expected to be closed throughout the morning. even, if you're making the commute, your closures between south hayes to south joyce street. let's head over to the beltway, crossing the wilson bridge in both directions. your volume is light. not seeing any accidents there. you look around the beltway to the american legion bridge, looks like no accidents to report as you make your way across the american legion bridge on the inner loop as well as the outer loop, nice and clear. as you make your way inbound and outbound, nice and clear. i'm back in ten. aaron, over to you. >>> riders who use the dupont metro station won't have to contend with broken escalators any longer. by the end of the month, they'll reopen the south entrance to the station which has been closed for nearly eight months. in the past, dupont's escalators have been known to be the least reliable in the whole system. >>> long holiday
glebe road in arlington east of 395 between arlington ridge and route 1 still going to be tied up. police are directing you around the crash there. travel on 270 southbound out of frederick the volume stretches urbanna to get past 109 and all lanes are open on the stretch down to the beltway. incident-free maryland beltway. next timesaver traffic is at 6:11. mike back to you. >>> all right, thanks bev. we're following breaking news this morning out of israel. police say an american tourist opened fire at a resort on the red sea. they say he killed at least one person before israeli forces shot and killed him. they don't know where the american tourist was from or what motivated the shooting. we'll bring you update, as soon as we get them. >>> okay, other news now there's an itchy scratchy problem at the university of maryland. bedbugs at one of the resident halls. >> this isn't the first time either. there's been a problem like this on campus. kristin fisher is live in college park with the story this morning. good morning to you kristin. >> reporter: good morning jessica. good mo
the cardinals were shout out in a postseason game, game four of last year's world series in arlington, texas, the game started by derek holland, who last the 8 1/3. upstairs, the count 1-2. it evened that world series at two games a piece. here's the 1-2 pitch. just outside. 2-2. >> tim: close. >> joe: the next from zito. chopped foul right at the plate. the cardinals started this night trying to wrap up their 19th national league pennant. the giants are looking for therapy 19th and if they do it they will become the third team in nlcs to come back from three games to one. that's a fair ball. he looks back at the umpire as jay is on with one out here in the eighth. >> tim: it may have landed foul, but it went over the bag fair. all it has to do, of course, is go over the bag. good call by first base umpire jerry layne. >> joe: you see belt look back at jerry layne. it's a one-out single. the batter is beltran. bruce bochy is going to stick with barry zito. >> tim: that is often a base umpire's difficult call. the ball that goes over the bag and lands foul. because to the naked eye you think
over to arlington. richard, angie, back to you. >>> today prince george's county police will be out in full force looking for clues in a teen murder. officers will be patrolling old central avenue between rollins avenue and maryland park drive. that's where 18-year-old marckel ross was gunned down while walking to central high school last month. detectives believe someone may have been robbed in that same area just before ross was shot. that's who they hope to find today. >>> a woman attacked while jogging in bethesda. it happened on the capital crescent trail near brookway drive. the woman was knocked unconscious and dragged into the woods. when she awoke, she found her way back to the trail. another jogger found her and called 911. neighbors say this kind of incident is unusual. police are not releasing any details about the attacker at this time. >> i'm on the trail all the time with my children, and i think it's scary. i feel terribly for the victim. >> police are not releasing any details about the attacker at this time. >>> this morning a 21-year-old man is in the hospital fol
. derrick ward joins us live from arlington with what police officers found. >> reporter: first off, this was a very tense period for the folks here. a lot of them were just trying to get their lunch today at the food court. at the busiest time, when this guy tried to firebomb the place. police now have a man in custody. around 3:00, police took this man into custody near the courthouse metro station in arlington. someone reported him saying he smelled of gasoline. a police bomb technician went through the man's belongings carefully. just hours before a man matching his description dropped what appeared to be a lighted bottle of flammable liquid from the ballston commons mall into the food court. >> the bottle shattered but did not ignite in the food court. the subject subsequently left the mall. in the search for the suspect, police located other bottles of a similar nature on the property. >> there was a brown and black spot on the floor. so i kind of figured that someone threw something. very strong small of home heating oil in the mall, which made me suspicious. so i left. >> re
to bethesda and into arlington, here's investigative reporter russ ptacek. >> reporter: instinctively we know roaches are wrong, right? food safety managers are required in restaurants because they're trained to watch out for other risks like food in the temperature danger zone, that's cold food above 41 degrees or heated food falling below 1406789 it's not roaches, but it can make you just as sick. just off dupont circle inspectors closed this sushi and karaoke bar. inspectors say twice when they came here in september the restaurant was operating with no food safety manager in sight. that's the person responsible for keeping sushi refrigerated at a safe temperature. inspectors say it was stored over 50 degrees. we're talking octopus, shrimp, and tuna at potentially hazardous temperatures. >> it's always full of customers. luckily, i mean, i never hear it. >> they also crated roaches. now look at the dirt on the floor we found inside mandarin carry-out on 15th street, southeast. closed for vermin. neighbors say rats are a common sight near the front door. >> reporter: how big are they. >> on
with the team and is in arlington, texas, with the latest. >> but so what really had two choices for his starting pitcher on friday. it was whether or not to go with the lefty whose experience, or the right-hander who is a rookie. maybe a little shaken up coming off a right knee injury. the numbers are not very good in this ballpark. but the numbers may be little misleading. >> i threw my first complete game here. i lost 1-0 here. the record speaks for itself but it also does not show what i have done here. a few bad start, but it does not show my good starts as well. >> the book on the rangers this wrote as a lefty. we will see if joe saunders had some luck in regard to that. >> fans are hoping for a win against texas friday night so they can see the first orioles home playoff game in nearly two decades. for area businesses, the wait and see has them in limbo. some vendors still have to hold off on stalking division series gear. bond-trading is eagerly awaiting to mar nice results. >> is extremely nerve wracking. we are sitting back waiting period. we are going day-by-day, hour by hour,
card," or you have lost your -- right now, they have gone to the ninth in oriole -- in arlington and the orioles' lead to the texas rangers 3-1. we can tell you that the winners advance to the vision series against the yankees. if it is the orioles advancing, they will be at the art. the cardinals with a solo home run our. the braves runners on first and second. simmons pops up into shallow left field. the shortstop misplays it. they argue the call. the crowd pelted the filled with garbage and protest. the players had to seek shelter. they played under protest but the final score stands. st. louis advances with a 6-3 win over atlanta. for the ravens' not played since last thursday, they are well rested and healthy. everyone's on their ravens' roster. the ravens are 3-1. the ravens' running back might not have as high of a profile in the offense but he has plenty of productivity. he is ranked second in the nfl. he dismisses kansas city's record. the ravens' learned the hard way not to overlook opponents with a losing record. >> a few years ago, they are a playoff team. not a lot h
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